Happiness, Positive thinking, Mindfulness: Thomas N Salzano

Happiness, Positive thinking, Mindfulness, and Personal development Wow!! All these words sound very buzz Words, But in Practically when need To adopt in life, Its seemed complex. The question arises, How we can? Can I?..... etc.
Everyone wants positivity in their life. want to be a positive person. I am also one of them. I read numbers of blogs, followed motivational speakers and watched positive videos to improve my self. that time I found something positive in my thoughts, in a realistic world I failed to implement.
Search still continue to find my self. Who am I?
Each of us some thoughts, plans play over and over in our minds. It can be positive and negative both. need to recognize if not you will develop a self-fulfilling prophecy. This will convert you in worse.
If you crave to change your thoughts initiate with changing your day to day habits

Let's Start With Smile
"Smiling speaks to people charmingly without saying a word"
Yes! Smiling face One of the smoothest and inexpensive ways to boost your health, your mood, your longevity, and even your success is to smile.
Fake and genius smile has a huge difference. Real smiles also creep in slower than the false ones. If you have a fake smile, covert it to delight with reminiscing about beautiful memories and persons, Smile improve your positivity and cut off your negative devil thoughts

What Does The Future Hold For New and Upcoming Salon Businesses?

It’s always a good idea to launch a business and become one’s own boss. Thomas Salzano, a New Jersey based expert hairstylist and a traveler, photographer and blogger also had the same thoughts many years ago.

He says, “Nothing much has changed in the course of all these years, except for the fact that hair styling has become one of the most competitive businesses around.”

Salons have always been attributed with people who like to express their personality and are more open minded than conventional businesses. From Mohawks to undercuts to rainbow hair, your office may not allow it all, but a good salon can give you any haircut you want. Imagine walking in to your office with a gecko hairdo.

But that’s not the point, for we need to talk about the future of salons, the industry and see how new businesses will do. The time is ripe for analyzing the profitability of salons. So, let’s begin…

Let’s talk numbers

In US alone, consumers spent about $43 billion in salons in 2016. The numbers have definitely increased now, but looking at the growth potential, new salons have mushroomed faster than ever before. The competition is on the rise.

So what is the right time?

A simple, crisp and honest answer will be: right now! The more delay you put into joining the bandwagon, the smaller your slice of cake will be. Salons are an amazing place to get transformed, and more people want to experiment with their looks.

The catch is that many people are willing to serve too! In service industry of any kind, the sooner you start, the better it is.

Hairstylist Thomas Salzano suggests defining a USP so that you have something that makes your customers want to come back to you. Do your research, get trained, get licensed, create a business model and launch your salon, and remember, always offer something that your customers can’t refuse.

Making the Most of the Gap Year: Thomas N Salzano

The extended break you take while transitioning from one life phase to another is called a gap year. It can happen between studies, before starting a career after completing studies or between careers. Being a New Jersey based hairstylist, traveler, photographer and blogger; I had the opportunity to make quite a good number of gap year trips. So here are a few tips I’d like to share with you guys. But before that, just a gentle reminder: a gap year trip doesn’t always last for a year.

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So, let’s learn a few tips for gap year trip, shall we?

Plan it all out:

There are two ways to do it.

  • Set a budget and plan your trip accordingly, or
  • Plan your trip and see how much money you’d need to do it all.

I always chose the second option because, well, it’s called a break for a reason. I plan my break way in advance, see how much money I’d need and start saving accordingly.

So, choose your destinations, plan the itinerary, and see how much money you’ll need.

Talk to people:

While you are booking your hotel, it would be a good idea to talk to the manager and know all the places you visit and things you can do there.

Remember, it’s all about how you plan it. And let things go haywire a bit, you’re on a break, breathe, relax and enjoy.

I am Thomas N Salzano, a hairstylist based in New Jersey. When I am not in my studio, I’ll be traveling, taking pictures and talking about things I do in my blogs.

Thomas N Salzano: Photography Tips for Beginners

Photography is one of the most sought out hobbies, yet there are few people who can master it. Expert hairstylist Thomas N Salzano, who also happens to be an avid photographer, traveler and blogger shares these handy and useful tips to capture some really cool shots:

Use Gridlines

Salzano suggests using your camera’s 3x3 gridline so that your subject has a total 9 equal sections.

Doing so, you will be able to know where your primary subject should be located on the grid. Some objects look their best focused in the center, while others look more picturesque when taken a bit off center.

Use Tripod

Beginners face problem in taking crisp pictures. The best idea would be to sue a tripod as it stabilizes the camera and avoids unwanted shakes.

Match Shutter Speed with Focal Length

Focal length is what you adjust when you zoom in out while taking a picture. When you use an 18-55 camera lens, you have a focal length range of 18-55 mm.

Always make sure your shutter speed is equal to or more than the focal length if you are using your camera handheld for a sharp image.

Master Exposure Triangle

It’s the trio of Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO that makes pictures so magical, says Thomas N Salzano. Auto mode is good for general photography, as it balances all three automatically. So you get a picture that camera decides, not the one you want.

Switch to manual mode, start adjusting these three and keep clicking pictures to see which one you find the best.

Use Polarizing Filter

Metal, water surface, snow, ice and sun have one thing in common: they all leave a gleaming streak of light at certain angles. Polarizing filter helps in keeping glares away from the images.

Check out more of Thomas N Salzano’s blogs for many tips on photography, traveling and hair care. He loves to share his passion with people through his blogs.

Prepping Up For Wedding: Thomas Salzano Guide

It’s your day to make heads spin. You’d want to look your best from head to toe. Hairstylist and hair expert Thomas Salzano says prepping hair for the wedding begins at least 4 weeks before the day.

Salzano says brides must keep in mind that regular washing, blow drying, heat styling and application of various chemicals on hair result in wearing of the hair strands. This leads to split heads, broken hair, flyaways and lots of wispies.

Salzano recommends starting hair repairing treatment from inside onward. Dull and brittle hair is a symptom of Vitamin A & B, Protein and Iron deficiency. Consume healthy portions of fish, eggs and nuts as they are rich sources of Vitamin B.

As far as treating hair externally is concerned, Salzano says it all starts with an exfoliating scalp massage. Removing dead skin cells and rejuvenating the scalp helps in better hair growth. Go for a deep conditioning treatment at least 4 weeks before the wedding day. This will help in rejuvenating hair follicles and adding body to strands, resulting in shinier and bouncy hair.

Hairstylist Thomas Salzano makes a clear point that any and all chemicals that you plan to apply to your head must be tested for allergy first. And no matter what any hair product claims, there is no way to fix split ends, you can get rid of them through trimming them. To minimize hair damage and subsequent hair breakage, don’t brush your hair too often. And don’t experiment with your hair too much.

Thomas Salzano is an experience hairstylist who also loves traveling, photography and blogging. Keep following his posts to know more about hair, travel and photography.

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Thomas Salzano: Travel Tips for First Time Travelers

A travel blogger and travel lover Thomas Salzano utilizes his love for traveling in his blogs. Thomas N Salzano is the multi-talented blogger who shows his love for traveling and his passion through writing.

He is making his dreams come true and he also guides others to do the same. Below are the blogger Thomas Salzano best tips for new travelers:

  • For a new traveler, the first thing to keep in mind is, do not expect things to be like at home. You have to forget your comfort zone and you will be ready for adventure.
  • Make sure you are traveling with your eyes wide open, capture new places, food, customers new things of that place in your eyes so that you can share them with others when you will come back from the trip.
  • A learner is a quality which all good traveler has, so as a new traveler be open to learn new things. Talk to locals and learn from them about the place, they will tell you more accurately. Ask them about their customers, try to learn there language. So that you can communicate with them effectively.
  • We all know manners are universal, so use them when you are visiting the new place. Do not do unusable things that break locals hearts. Talk with locals with respect, it is also the best way to show respect. If locals do not understand you then do not shout.
  • In traveling party and fun are necessary but while doing fun do not trash the local's area and property.
  • When we travel to another place, that time we are representing our culture. People know about our country through our behavior. So keep in mind when visiting a new country then leave a good impression of culture.
  • Best time start traveling is when you are young. Because when we are young we have good stamina, body power, and good ability to learn new things.

    Take Thomas Salzano’s tips with you on your first trip, even if it’s just around your hometown.

    Visit: https://thomassalzano.wordpress.com